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Compulsory identification prepaid SIM cards


Since the end of last year, new pre-paid SIM cards must be identified. This is one of the measures taken by the federal government following the 22 March attacks. Users of pre-paid cards have received a six-month deadline to register their identity with a mobile operator. This transition period expires on 7 June.

Check out our FAQ hereunder for more details.


  • If you bought a prepaid card before 17 December 2016 and you did not identify yourself upon purchase of that card, you will need to do so before the deadline set by your operator (by 7 June 2017 at the latest). Otherwise your operator will deactivate your prepaid card.
    Consult your operator’s website to know how exactly you need to identify yourself in practice.
  • Your operator is only allowed to activate your prepaid card (i.e. render it useable) after he has established your identity.
    You can identify yourself upon the purchase of the prepaid card (e.g. in a point of sale) or later (e.g. when you buy the prepaid card in a point of sale unable to identify you). You will then have to identify yourself later through the operator’s website.
  • Yes, you may buy an activated card for someone you are related to (your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers or sisters), for you husband or wife, for the person you are in legal cohabitation with or for someone whom you are the guardian of.
    You may only relinquish an activated prepaid card to others, if that other person has identified him- or herself with the operator.
  • No, that is not necessary.
  • This is a SIM card which can only be used for M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. As a rule you cannot make calls with this type of SIM card, especially as the SIM card is anchored in the device. Think for instance of an M2M SIM card in your car or gas heater.
    You can however also use regular SIM cards for M2M applications. In that case there is however no M2M SIM card involved as you will be able to use the SIM card in a regular telephone as well. You must therefore identify yourself for such a SIM card.
  • When one or more prepaid cards are bought on behalf of a legal person (non-profit organisation, company, etc.) it is the private person (one of the representatives) requesting the activation of the card who will have to identify himself. Usually this is the legal person’s prepaid cards manager (the “fleet manager”). In addition the operator may (but does not have to) identify the legal person.
  • Yes, as a legal person you may give activated prepaid cards to natural persons performing services for you (your employees, consultants, subcontractors).
    The legal person will however have to keep an updated list based on which the relation can be established between the prepaid cards bought and the natural persons who have received a card.
  • You need to inform your operator as soon as possible (within 24 hours) of the theft or loss of this prepaid card. The operator will then deactivate your card.
  • For more general information about the compulsory identification for prepaid SIM cards, please have a look at the FAQ on the website of the BIPT.
    For more information on identifying yourself in practice, please consult your operator's website.